Central Ohio Mayor’s Courts

Ohio is one of the few states which utilize “Mayor’s Courts”. Mayor’s Courts are courts of limited jurisdiction, created by some municipalities. Typically Mayor’s Courts hear traffic cases, violations of city ordinances and other misdemeanors.  The presiding officer is the Mayor, or a magistrate (not a judge) appointed by the Mayor.  Below is a list of links to many of the Central Ohio’s Mayor’s Courts.

Central Ohio Misdemeanor and Felony Courts

Municipal Courts are courts of record which have jurisdiction over misdemeanor criminal and traffic charges.  Common Pleas Courts have jurisdiction to hear all felony criminal cases.  

The Steven T. Fox Law Firm handles cases in all Municipal Courts, Mayor’s Courts, and Common Pleas Courts in Franklin County, Madison County, Delaware County, Union County, Fairfield County, Clark County and other jurisdictions including administrative hearings at the Ohio DPS/BMV.